Loveridge Hunt & Co PLLC

Bellevue ,Washington, United States
Industry Type: Accounting, Auditors, Tax & Bookkeepers
Loveridge Hunt & Co PLLC

Our Services

Audit & Attestation Services

401K audits

Mortgage Company audits

Charitable Trust audit

A-133 Audit of Federal Grant Recipient


Compilations of forecasts and projections

Tax Services:

Partnership Returns

Corporate Returns

Organizations exempt from Income Tax Returnsv

Individual Returns

Advisory services to real estate development:

Evaluation of eligible basis

Creation of appropriate entities

Assistance with tax credit applications

Carryover allocation certifications

Timing of investor entry

Lock-in of credit rate

Rehabilitation issues

Evaluation of proposals from syndicators

Tax credit year 15 exit strategies

Loveridge Hunt & Co., PLLC
11100 NE 8th Street, Suite 410
Bellevue WA 98004-4441
Phone: 425-453-2088
FAX: 425-646-3368

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