California Tourism

Sacramento ,California, United States
Industry Type: Travel & Tourism
Consumers can get free travel planning publications from our visitor guide page, or by writing:

California Tourism
P.O. Box 1499, Sacramento, CA

Residents of the United States and Canada can also receive travel planning information by calling (877) 225-4367 .
To contact us by telephone, please dial 1 (916) 444-4429 .
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For questions about advertising on this website, please contact:

Melinda Sheehan
650-322-1043 (fax)
Regions: Central Coast, Los Angeles County

Erin Capuchino
559-420-0333 (fax)
Regions: Central Valley, High Sierra (partial), Gold Country, North Coast, Shasta Cascade

Pamela Coffey
619-444-2662 (fax)
Regions: Deserts, Inland Empire, San Diego County, Orange County

Maria Amon
650-322-1043 (fax)
Regions: San Francisco Bay Area, High Sierra (Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe)

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