Johnson Stone & Pagano PS

Fircrest ,Washington, United States
Industry Type: Accounting, Auditors, Tax & Bookkeepers
Johnson Stone & Pagano PS
Johnson, Stone & Pagano, P.S. has been serving audit, tax and consulting clients since 1982. JSP has built a reputation as a strong, quiet company. One of the larger accounting firms in Tacoma, JSP is devoted to achieving the best financial result for you or your organization. With a long history of integrity and hard work, Johnson, Stone & Pagano has been known, respected and trusted for over two and a half decades. Celebrating 30 years of service to the Puget Sound area with a diverse staff of professionals having expertise in accounting, audit and tax compliance.

1501 Regents Blvd., Suite 100
Fircrest, WA 98466
Main Number 253-566-7070
Fax 253-566-7100

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