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Central Park South ,New York, United States
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We are one of the first practices in the U.S. to introduce Cellulaze™ cellulite treatment. Our plastic surgeons are specially trained in providing this treatment. bodySCULPT® in New York City is also a training facility for physicians wanting to learn how to use the Cynosure Cellulaze™ technology.
Having recently won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Cellulaze is the only cellulite treatment that attacks the structural problems beneath the skin. Delivering laser energy, the device pinpoints and disrupts the dimpled pockets of herniated fat, while building collagen and elastin, thus improving the appearance of cellulite. Nd:YAG 1440 nm pulsed laser wavelength is applied subdermally via Cynosure's proprietary fiber optic SideLaze3D™, to target cellulite precisely at the source:
Unlike other treatment methods, this new laser device:
Works where diets and exercise fail
Reshapes body areas such as thighs, hips, and buttocks
Smoothes the "cottage-cheese" appearance of the skin
Ensures a safe and virtually painless procedure

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128 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

Updated On: 06:11:2012
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