Doggy Style Bakery

NW ,Washington, United States
Industry Type: Animal Products
Doggie Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa opened in 2002 with one goal: to provide a local alternative to big-box pet stores. To us, this meant that we had to find foods, treats, toys and more that are produced by companies that put quality first. It also meant that we needed to find products that were made in ways that were good to the environment. Long before "going green" was popular, Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa was finding as many products as we could that were made by ethically-sound, privately-owned companies and offering them to our customers.

From all-natural pet foods (none of which were affected by the May 2007 pet food recall) to the chemical-free shampoos and grooming products, Doggy Style is a store that you can trust to offer only the best for your pet.

Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa
1825 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Updated On: 05:02:2012
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